My goal this summer was to get a job, more important than going to the beach was to get a job, but summer is coming to an end in Puerto Rico and I still have nothing. I send and send emails, a went job hunting at the mall, spoke to store managers and left my resume and nothing.

What is it? I know it’s hard to find jobs, we’re in a crisis right now, we’re bankrupt but there are job openings and as much as I apply, I don’t get anything. Is it me, do I make a bad first impression? Is it my resume?  Is it that I haven’t had a steady job after I graduated college, because I explain all that in my cover letter. Does my Brain Injury make people don’t want to hire me? Or is it my epilepsy? I mean they’re not supposed to discriminate against people with disabilities.

I know I’ve written about this a few times, but I’m sick and tired of this, I need a job. As time keeps going by and I’m unemployed, the harder it’s gonna be to get a job. I need help.


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