I want to start by saying that I might have some nightmares of bombs exploding tonight after seeing Dunkirk, in the front row, on IMAX. I should have expected there were going to be a lot of explosions during a war movie where they rescue 300,000 men from a war zone, because that’s what the movie is. It tells the story of the Belgian, English and French soldiers, trying to get out of Dunkirk, France during World War 2, as they are bombarded by the German army.

They do an amazing job with special effects and sound for all the explosions that had me all curled up with my feet on my seat, head on my knees, my hoodie’s hood over my head, hands over my ears and my eyes closed. Not only did they do a great job with the sound of the explosions, but the background music that played at the same time kept the audience engaged and waiting for what was coming up next, or in my case, very nervous.

You don’t really need to know much about Dunkirk to see the movie, just the basics like which war was being fought, countries involved, where Dunkirk is. I read a little bit more about it just to be safe and a want to know a little bit more now. They don’t really go into any detail in the movie, they just show you the battle, which I think is a good way to get people interested in the history of it and want to learn more.

And I’m feeling better about the explosions, I’m not as traumatized as I thought.



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