When I was younger, like high school or maybe even younger, I had a huge collection of Archie comics. Every time I found a new issue I had to have it and read it from front to back, sometimes reading them again when I couldn’t find a new one. I remember I had a box full of them.

I started thinking about that when I saw there was a new series called Riverdale. It’s amazing how after a Brain Injury, that name still seemed familiar to me and I immediately remembered it was Archie’s hometown. That couldn’t be a coincidence, that they just name a new TV series Riverdale, it had to be related to the comics.

I was right, it was Archie’s hometown and it is a series based on the comics. There’s Archie, his friends Jughead, Betty, and Veronica, and Reggie, and Josie, to name a few. Here he also plays football, like I remember he did in the comics. It has the main elements but it’s a lot darker as the plot moves around the mystery of the death of one of their classmates.

archie  betty  luke-comic  cole-sprouse-jughead





It’s not like the shows I usually like which are mainly comedies, it’s darker, but my curiosity about the show and the familiarity with the characters got me hooked. Now I have to keep watching, at least until they solve the mystery.


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