When my dogs, Indy and Sandy, have energy there really isn’t much we can do. We can make them calm down, but I have to let my mean side come out and I don’t like them to see that side of me.

This morning they were pretty energetic, even though they had already been out on their walk. I wanted to play with them but I wasn’t feeling very well; I haven’t been feeling well for the last few days, but this morning I just wanted to lay back down in bed and stay there all day. So I was almost asleep when I felt two objects quietly jump up to my bed, one of them laid down on the corner opposite to my feet, while the other one came next and laid her head on my stomach.

They both stayed there, quietly resting next to me. No more running, wrestling, nothing! What was more amazing was that Sandy, who usually loves petting and being near us, was the one on the corner on the bed and Indy, who doesn’t like petting so much was the one who came over to me.

That’s just one more proof that dogs do know when we are sick or sad. They don’t just help change my mood, sometimes they make me angry, but most of the time they make me happy and they are there by my side when I’m sick; right now they are my best therapy.

My puppies are the best, even though they want to eat the couch and my socks.


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