I want to welcome you to my new page, My dogs and me. First I want to introduce you to my dogs, Indy


and Sandy.


My beautiful girls are almost ten months old and they were rescued when they were a month and a half old. They are sisters and when we rescued them I really couldn’t choose which one out of the seven puppies I wanted. My step father, José, and I decided to start picking up puppies and chose by who we bonded with. For me that was the puppy with a lightning shaped string of white hair who I called Sandy. José bonded with the shy puppy he named Indy.

My parents’ intensions were to adopt one puppy, and that puppy would be my Christmas present. We didn’t know we would take two, but if I had it my way I would have adopted all of them, even though two sometimes feels like more than I can handle. Two means twice the food, toys, training pads, etc., but none of us regrets adopting two. My house was not as happy as it is now before we had Indy and Sandy.

Indy and Sandy help me in more ways than I ever thought they could and every day I learn something new. They have forced me to wake up, even after I ignore the alarm, to let them out, be responsible and organized, not only with my stuff but with all of their toys and food. I have to keep everything clean, from their water bowls to their training pads and the area around.

I would like in this blog to, not only share my day to day adventures with Indy and Sandy, but everything I have learned about dogs and having pets and everything in between.

P.S. I’m trying out a few things with this, whether it’s a new blog or it’s own page. Please be patient with me as I figure this out and I am very sorry for the extreme amout of notifications and emails this may be causing my followers. Also any advice is more than welcome.


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