A few weeks ago, someone in my building complained about me having two dogs, even though my dogs have been with me for eight months and she has seen them multiple times. We had to get a letter from my psychiatrist explaining their purpose in my therapy.

This week, another neighbor complained to the building administrator about my dogs. I was able to handle the news better this time because my reaction was more of frustration than anger.

Her problem with my dogs wasn’t the amount of dogs I have, it was the fact that they spend a lot of time in the balcony and they bark. My dogs bark, because they are dogs and that’s how they communicate. They don’t sound like a broken record, barking all day, but they bark when they see other dogs walking down the street, when there is a lot of noise in the street like cars honking their horns, loud music, police or ambulance sirens, not all day.

In the area where I live you always hear dogs, out on the street, in other buildings and other apartments in our same building. Her complain about them spending all day in the balcony is false news because our balcony is closed and part of the apartment, so what she sees is the girls sun bathing in the afternoon. They love being in the sun, but they are inside the house.

I was hoping this would stop after the first one, but now again? That’s enough. Today I wrote her a letter explaining all this and copied it to the building administrator. I hope that this puts an end to this and no one else complains about my puppies.


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