This morning I had an appointment with my neurologist to discuss those episodes I have had and the result of the EEG. I’ll be honest with you, I was terrified that he would say they found something weird in my brain activity meaning he would need to increase the epilepsy medication dose and I was no longer seizure free.

The doctor said there was abnormal behavior in my brain, BUT, he said that’s expected in epilepsy patients. That behavior is being controlled by the medication and he said those episodes I had were not seizures. These were just electrical pulses that occur when I am pushing my brain too much, explaining why the first one occurred when I was very angry and, at the same time, trying to focus on walking my dogs.

My brain is still healing and it will have moments when it just can’t handle too much. The example the doctor used, which helped me understand it was the example of a cripple. If they tell you someone is crippled and they are walking well, you’ll think they’re not crippled, but if you ask them to run, that will require more work and they’ll struggle. The same with my crippled brain, I seem fine if were just talking about my dogs and I’m just focused on that, but if you start telling me there’s a problem with my dogs while I’m cooking and trying to keep my dogs out of the kitchen, I might call my dog Potato instead of Sandy and maybe burn something.

The neurologist still wants me and my family to keep an eye on any more episodes, write down and quickly let him know if this continues to happen. He doesn’t want to change my medication for now but we have to watch out.


I’m still SEIZURE FREE!!!!!





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