This morning my grandpa had a new project, I don’t know how many he’s had since we’ve been here but I have been with him and my aunt to Home Depot at least four times since we’ve been here. This is a lot considering four is about the amount of times I go to Home Depot during a regular year, or maybe less.

Their project today was pulling apart a set of old patio furniture my aunt got on a yard sale and give it a make over. I offered to help because I thought they were just going to paint but to my surprise, my grandpa wanted to pull it apart first in paint each separate part before putting it together again.

I got ready, put on by borrowed painting outfit, which was beautiful (I mean look at those pants and that hat.) and headed outside to paint.

I thought taking the furniture apart would take no time, they knew what they were doing. The only thing I didn’t count on was that everything was rusty, making the screws and bolts very difficult to remove. They used a hammer, WD-40, screwdriver, wrench, hacksaw and a rust dissolver but nothing worked. Patience is not my virtue which is why I wanted to paint, that’s fun, pulling furniture apart is not fun.

I’m still waiting for my chance to paint, which will hopefully be tomorrow, but they still haven’t finished pulling the furniture apart. We’ll see if we can at least start painting tomorrow. I’m looking forward to this because this can keep me occupied and distracted from thinking about what is going on back home and that I can’t do anything to help.

We’ll see if we can finish tomorrow.



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