After over a month the boxes my aunts sent my parents to help life after Hurricane Maria finally arrived. My mom was so happy with all the food, batteries, flashlights and solar chargers for cellphones and computers. 

Mail was already being delivered but when they still hadn’t received any packages I thought they had been lost or stolen. I was starting to lose hope and that is very unlike me. If somebody believed that Puerto Rico was going to be ok it was me, but when things started taking so long to get better, I’m ashamed to say that I started to believe it would never get better. 

After my mom told me she got so many things and she showed them to me, I felt so much better. I hope things are looking up for the rest of Puerto Rico; it has to get better, it just has to.

I have been looking for jobs, I began filling out applications here in case I wouldn’t be able to go back home but when I saw that mail was starting to arrive I sent applications to Puerto Rico too. I don’t want to abandon Puerto Rico or not do my part to get my island back on it’s feet but I also need to get back on mine. 

I don’t know what’s going to happen or what I’m supposed to do but life has forced me to change paths before so I’m getting ready for everything and taking it one step at a time.

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