Everything was in the backyard when I woke up this morning, all the paint cans and chairs, well all the separated pieces of the chairs. It was all on top of pieces of card board spread across de yard; it was time to paint!

I waited patiently as I got instructions on how to paint and how to hold the can while I sprayed the paint so there wouldn’t be bubbles but I was so ready to start painting that I didn’t really pay attention. I knew how to do that, I had done this before.

When I got the first part of a chair, which was set up on top of two bars, I started painting carefully because I had my supervisor (grandpa) watching me. I also didn’t want to mess up right after I started, then they wouldn’t let me paint anymore.

After I was more comfortable with what I was doing and no one was watching over me, I started having fun with the spray paint, not really painting just from left to right as I had been told. The paint went in all directions but  I didn’t care because I hadn’t messed anything up and it was fun that way.

Every time I finished a coat of painting I had to wait for twenty minutes until it was dry to check if I missed a spot or if they needed more paint. While I waited for that I started painting a Goofy that my family decided to paint at the last minute.


I had a lot more freedom with Goofy because nothing needed to be even. It did took me a lot longer than anyone would think it would because I kept looking for spots I had missed even though they all told me to stop looking, they said it looked fine. It didn’t look fine to me until I got the last spot painted.

I had so much fun this morning, this was such a stress relief for me, spraying paint everywhere and not worrying. I still don’t understand how I got paint everywhere in the grass but none on my clothes. I’ll be glad to tell my cousin that his ugly black skull sweatpants do not have one spot of paint and I’m returning them in one piece. My hands, on the other hand, were another story but they were easy to clean.

That was a lot of fun and way better than using a paintbrush and it was really a big stress relief.


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