We had a plan, my aunt and me, we were going to make some feeding placemats for my dogs.

We began this process last week when we spent a couple of hours at the store just deciding what fabrics we would use. After that we just needed to pick a day we had time to do this and that day was today.

The process to make these placemats included ironing and sewing, both of which I had never done but today was the day to learn how to do both.

Ironing was easy even though I was scared of burning my poor fingers. Saying it’s easy doesn’t mean I liked it, it made my arms tired, but it was easy.

Then came the hard part, sewing.

I had never used a sewing machine before so knowing everything I had to do before I started was hard to remember. Also, that sewing machine is for right handed people, which I am not, this made making the string go in a straight line difficult.

This made me frustrated, thinking I was messing it up, but I didn’t give up and with a lot of help from my aunt we were able to finish, or almost finish. We just need to do one more thing and we’re done.

My first sewing experience and I made a pretty decent feeding placemat for my dogs so let’s se how my next sewing experience goes.


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