I had my first sewing experience last month when I made my dogs two feeding placemats for their water and food bowls. I talked about this in an two earlier blog posts, My first sewing experience and I made my dogs a present. The second was poster on my other blog, My dogs and me.

It was kind of a nightmare for me and I said I wouldn’t do that again, but turning this,

into this,

felt very good and gave me a little more confidence.

When my aunt, who was the mastermind, my teacher and support of this project, told me she had fabric to make a cushion I really couldn’t say no. Even though I was scared I gave it a shot, what was worst thing that could happen?

The cushion was a lot easier than my first project, maybe because I had a little more experience, not a lot, but a little or maybe because it was just sewing in straight lines. Either way I was able to make a cushion which is something I never thought I would say and it actually looks good.

I just hope my dogs don’t find it and destroy it because I worked really hard and I’m proud of myself for being able to make a cushion.


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