As a guest in my aunt’s house I have become my her companion in all of her crazy ideas so today, being the day before Thanksgiving, was Thanksgiving dessert baking day.

We started this morning by making two Pecan Pies. This was my first time working with Pecan Pie, I don’t even like Pecan Pie. I think pecans look like cockroaches and I’m sorry if you like it and you disagree with me but I am very scared of cockroaches and I don’t want to eat them.

Today I put the pecans on one of the cakes so I know they’re pecans, but still I don’t think I want to eat them.

After the pies were in the oven and we had lunch came time to make the second dessert (this one I like), Chocolate chip cookies!

Chocolate chip cookies are a lot harder to make than Pecan Pie but I don’t care because I love chocolate chip cookies. This recipe requires you to mix in and stir a lot of ingredients together which sound pretty easy, but it’s not. It’s easy at first when it’s just the eggs, butter, vanilla and sugar but the flour, baking soda and salt are the difficult part because they’re all dry ingredients.

When we mixed all the ingredients it was a lot because we doubled the recipe.


Sounds crazy, I know, I thought my aunt had gone crazy when she told me but there’s logic to it. She makes double now so she has cookies and pie ready and doesn’t have to make it again when everyone comes home in December.

After they’re out of the oven you really don’t care about all the trouble because you have delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies.

I just had one after dinner and they’re really good!


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