There was no better way to welcome the Christmas season than going to the movies and watching a Christmas movie. So this is what we did yesterday, after Thanksgiving lunch, we went to the movies to watch this year’s Christmas movie, The man who invented Christmas.

This movie tells the story of Charles Dickens as he wrote A Christmas Carol. The author of Oliver Twist was forced to self publish this novel after three unsuccessful novels. This new novel helped promote the tradition of Christmas again.

As a writer, seeing how he came up with this amazing work of art that helped make Christmas what it is today was very interesting and inspirational. Learning that he wrote it in so little time, published it on his own is just not something you would expect. He had already made a name for himself, but the popularity of this novel has been something that I don’t think anyone would have ever imagined, not even him. How could anyone ever imagine that a book written in such little time and self-published would still be so famous and have such an impact in society more than a hundred year after it was written.

Writers can do anything, from writing a short blog post to writing a world famous novel that changes the world. It’s those writers that keep me dreaming and believing that someday I can do something that can be at least somewhat inspirational or can impact someone or something. I know that’s a big dream but nothing was ever achieved without a dream first.



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