Christmas is here and with that come the much awaited Christmas decorations, which my aunt and I started yesterday and finished today. It was just the two of us and I think we decorated very fast considering the amount of decorations my aunt has. She has like three or four times the amount of decoration we have in my house, it’s crazy, but it was a lot of fun.

Most houses only have one Christmas tree, well not my aunt’s house, she has six trees. First we decorated her palm tree. It’s a fake palm tree with Christmas lights but it’s leaves are like those of a Christmas tree. I had never seen anything like it before but she’s happy with her Christmas palm tree. It only has a few decorations because the leaves aren’t strong enough to hold that many so it’s decorated with a few fish, which are cute ornaments.

Christmas palm tree

Then she brought out the music tree; I had heard a lot about it but had never seen it. This was a red tree and I know you’re asking why it’s red and I understand because that was my first question when I saw it. Basically she and my cousin saw that tree on sale after Christmas two years ago and just thought it would look great for their music tree. They had another music tree but it was very old, so they got this one to replace it.

I know you’re asking why there’s a music tree, because i’m still asking myself that even though I know the answer. My cousin’s love music, they even had a band when they were in high school. One of them has always been into music, learning how to play instruments just by ear and they are both very talented. They have huge collection’s of CD’s, LP’s and cassettes.

Music Christmas tree

The third and fourth tree, which my aunt says only count as one but I disagree because they are two separate trees, are the Goofy trees. These are just a small part of my aunt’s Goofy collection. I think this collection might be bigger than both my cousins’ music collection. She has Christmas and holiday Goofy decorations as well as regular, day to day Goofy decorations.

These took a lot of time to decorate because originally there was only one tree but it is now too small to hold all those decorations, but thank Goofy  my aunt found an empty tree decoration where she hung the newest and prettier Goofy ornaments. Goofy is mostly preserved to one small area of the house which I have just named the Goofy Room and I noticed that it appears that more Goofy decoration’s just popped in out of nowhere.

The fifth tree is a very small silver tree which is decorates with Christmas cookie cutters. The decoration on top of the tree is none other than… Goofy!

Now we get to the sixth and final tree, which it the only one we had left to decorate today, the biggest one in the house and the one that I think is the main Christmas tree. It’s green and it is decorated with ornaments from all different moments and subjects. There are a lot of Star Trek and Harry Potter decorations as well as some Mickey, Precious Moments and totally random decorations. There are some ornament’s celebrating my cousins’ first christmases, their graduations, colleges they attended, nativity sets, family trips; everything you would expect in a regular Christmas tree.

But it doesn’t end there, there are garlands, decorations on almost every door in the house and even on the boxes from their recent move to this house. My aunt it proving that there is no reason holidays in a new place should be any different that they were before. The only thing missing is decorations outside but she refuses to put Goofy outside because something might happen to him.


I’m still taking it all in but this is a very happy house, alive with not only Christmas, but Hanukah Spirit too.

The holiday season is very much alive here and it feels great to have this much Christmas spirit while you’re away from home.


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