I may be a little late in doing this but I just started watching The Good Doctor and oh my god it is so good! I had some reservations for watching it because it really didn’t sound like something I would like. I didn’t know the story line, it was just the name but now I guess I should say don’t judge a show by it’s name.

I don’t usually like shows about doctors, except for House, I really liked House, once I  got around to watching it but I had the same reservations about it. I don’t like blood and I don’t like surgeries, even though I’ve had enough successful surgeries I should feel comfortable.

Apart from all the medical stuff which I don’t understand usually cover my eyes or look away, I really like it. It’s about a young doctor with autism and Savant syndrome. I like that it shows that anyone can do anything, no matter the diagnosis or people’s opinions. You can change people’s minds about you with your actions, just as Shaun frequently does.

A show like this can help people open their minds and learn about autism, realize that there is not just one kind and not everyone in the Autism Spectrum is the same. While it is not real because it is a TV show, it brings attention to the Autism Spectrum Disorder so people want to learn and talk about it.

I just started watching it today but I’m hooked.

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