My Christmas this year has not been normal, every holiday has been a little bit different than other years and I have loved it! From spending Thanksgiving in Florida, to Christmas in Boston, to New Year’s Eve with my dogs, it has all been an adventure.Today we celebrated Three Kings Day by going out to lunch, followed by going to the movies. Going to the movies on Saturday is nothing new but going to the movies on Three Kings Day is, but as I learned at the movie theater, a lot of people do this and I think it may become a new tradition.

Three Kings Day, like Christmas, is always a special day but what made it special today was not the lunch I enjoyed with my family or the good time we had at the movies (It’s true what you heard people say, Jumanji is very really funny), it was walking into my grandparents’ house after and seeing how happy they were to finally have power after four months.

This was a real gift to them as well as us, knowing that they will sleep well tonight and wake up in the morning and go about their daily routine as they did before Irma. Seeing that my grandparents are ok gives us all so much peace of mind.

As this month goes by I hope that many, if not all, the homes in Puerto Rico have their power restored. This can be a great start to 2018, fixing some of the things that went wrong last year.

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