Once school started this semester I started tutoring again, just like I had been doing during the last weeks of school in December. This is no easy job; I really don’t know how teachers do it but I like helping kids, making a difference in their lives and being a positive role model.

I hadn’t even realized I was being one, I thought I was being too strict and nervous, always telling them to be careful and to not do stuff but today a realized I was wrong. I guess I did make an impact on one of the kids, the girl I had been tutoring in December. Today was her first day back with us and when we got to the house she picked a seat and told me I would sit next to her.

After she finished all her homework she grabbed a notebook and started writing something on it. I thought she was just drawing something but when she showed me I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She had written “te amo Kiki” which means I love you Kiki.


That’s me and in just two weeks I was able to get her to like studying with me. I thought kids didn’t like their tutors, I mean, a tutor is that person who makes you keep studying after you leave school and that is not fun.

This really makes me feel good because it means I’m finally doing something well and I’m helping people, which I love. I’m not sure I have what it takes to teach but I can tutor.


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