I was excited for my second driving lesson, I wanted to get behind the wheel again. I was ready before the driving instructor got here and while I waited for him I had the chance to tell two of my neighbors, an elderly couple who walked by, what I was doing. As they left I heard the woman telling her husband how happy she was I was taking driving lessons, how good it was that I was going to be independent again. She was very happy and I heard her going on about it until they closed the door, which made me feel great and got me more anxious to start driving.

After the instructor picked me up, he took me to the same parking lot we went last time but this time there were less cars. We quickly changed seats and the lesson started; “turn here, turn there, park here”. There was a moment in the beginning of the lesson where I was driving across a long distance in the parking lot and I guess I felt really safe because I got up to 25 mph, well actually 26. I was shocked and told him I felt like a daredevil but I loved it. From then un, any time I drove across that spacious part he told me to try to go up to 25. Sadly, when I tried to do it again I couldn’t because I felt like I was getting to the other end too fast and would have to start slowing down.

That is not like me, I don’t like speeding and I know 26 mph is not speeding but let me remind you that last time I went up to 8, 26 is just a little over three times 8. The thing is, I felt confident again, he said I was doing a good job and the fact that I wasn’t scared of driving and I was getting positive feedback is always very encouraging. I wanted to see what else I could do.

Before I knew it, I had run out of time but my next class is next week, that’s in no time.


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