Sleeping has always been my favorite pass time but I thought this all changed after the accident, having to wake up at 8:00 a.m. every day to take my epilepsy medicine. I was sure this was one of the many things the accident had taken away from me, especially since I am forced to wake up early to take the epilepsy medicine.

Then suddenly, this just changed; I wake up, take my medicine, jump back in bed and keep sleeping for like an hour or an hour and a half. I don’t mind sleeping more but it’s just strange because I just couldn’t do that since the accident. Even if I had nothing to do after taking the medicine, I couldn’t. After I discovered that I was actually able to go back to sleep it turned into a routine, because I love to sleep. I started going back to sleep every day.

This then turned into me being tired all day every day and I didn’t know why so I kept sleeping a lot, but no matter how tired a was I still heard the alarm clock and woke up to take my medicine. I didn’t understand because I was sleeping for more than ten hours every day. Why was I still tired all day? Was that not enough? I was sleeping more to be awake the rest of the day but this made me more tired, which didn’t make any sense and I just thought those kids were just taking it all out of me.

That was until I spoke to my brother last week and casually told him how tired I was after sleeping so much and he told me I was sleeping too much. Was that even a thing, sleeping too much?

Turns out it is, adult are recommended to sleep for 7 to 9 hours, no less than six and no more than 10. So I remember my neurologist saying I have to sleep for at least eight hours every night because sleep deprivation can trigger seizures, maybe it was seven but I’m sticking with eight just to be safe, but I can’t sleep more than ten hours. Let’s see if I remember this tomorrow morning when I wake up tired to take my medicine.


If I wake up at eight I’ll have time to do more before going to tutor, maybe if I remember that I can stay awake.




3 thoughts on “I think I’m sleeping too much

  1. Maybe have your iron and vitamin d levels checked out. It’s pretty common to be deficient in vitamin d this time of year. I was and I was constantly knackered and my bones ached.

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