Happy New Year 2022!

It wasn’t easy but we made it through another year of this pandemic! I hope everyone stays safe tonight and has a happy new year! I hope 2022 will bring good things, maybe a new job for me, and even better, an end to the pandemic. Please stay safe tonight! Happy 2022!

Got my first Covid19 vaccine today!

Great news, I got my Covid19 vaccine today! I was so nervous before I got it because of those rumors going around that the needle is big but that’s not true. The needle is just a regular needle, at least the one I saw. I didn’t look when I was getting the shot, I never … Continue reading Got my first Covid19 vaccine today!

Driving lessons- Day 2

I was excited for my second driving lesson, I wanted to get behind the wheel again. I was ready before the driving instructor got here and while I waited for him I had the chance to tell two of my neighbors, an elderly couple who walked by, what I was doing. As they left I … Continue reading Driving lessons- Day 2