This morning I went to Guaynabo for my fourth driving lesson. This was a vey last minute class, scheduled last night. We began the lesson in the parking lot of a small stadium, where I thought the whole class would take place once I saw the instructor setting up the cones for me to practice parallel parking.

I hit one of the cones on the first try, first cone I’ve hit so far since my first driving lesson, but it was perfect on the second try. After practicing a u-turn around a few times, the fun began; I was told to drive outside the parking lot, on the mean streets of Guaynabo City on a Sunday. I was terrified/really exited to be driving outside again, not in a parking lot or urbanization. I went around a few of the many roundabouts in Guaynabo and one which scared me and made me accidentally drive a little into the side walk to my left. Nothing happened, I quickly got back on track and the instructor reassured me that the cars coming from the other lane to my right would not invade my lane, which is what I was trying to avoid.

After that little mistake, I was able to get back on track, stay focused, and keep driving up to an avenue. By the time I got to the avenue I was no longer thinking about the mistake I made back there, I was focused on the cars around me, the street lights in front of me and the u-turn I was going to have to do pretty soon. I was able to pull that off pretty well, keeping both my hands loose on steering wheel while it rolled back until the car was facing forward. I was able to drive out to the avenue twice and I kept getting more comfortable as the lesson went on.

I am getting more confident as the classes go by, going up to 44 mph today, which felt like I was flying. I was not scared about going at that speed, driving out on an avenue with other cars or even going around all those roundabouts.

When I asked him, the instructor told me that pretty soon I will he able to drive on a highway and he also wants me to practice driving down a more congested area since all my lessons have been around pretty empty streets. He said I am improving very fast and I hope that means that I will be allowed to drive the family car soon but it wont be until he gives me the ok.


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