Every brain injury is different, all brain injury survivors suffer and heal differently. Someone may have more cognitive problems than others or more problems sleeping.


This is very interesting because I was that I have a lot of cognitive problems, some that I didn’t really recognize until I saw them on the image. I have post traumatic amnesia, I can’t remember anything from the moment the injury happened or before. On the emotional side, I know I’m more easily irritated some times and I am anxious, especially when I don’t know what’s going on, someone might get hurt or there is a car involved. The only area which I don’t think has been disturbed is my sleep, at least as long as I don’t drink caffeine after six, but that has not changed, I just have to be more careful now because of my epilepsy.

I know I experienced more of these signs after the accident but have improved a lot thanks to therapy, but I think it’s great to see all of these issues described and divided in this way. It makes them clearer and easier to point out which have been affected. I really did not know I still had as many symptoms as I do.

Brain Injury Association of America

And on another note, I started my new job today. My fist assignment is to edit a blog post which I already began and will be working on this weekend. I love it and I’m so exited about this!


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