Ok so I haven’t been writing about my driving anymore because I have just been driving a few times on weekends. It’s been no big deal, but they do trust me with the new car, with supervision of course. I still can’t take a car by myself, but today was another step forward, as I drove at night for the first time.

Let me rephrase that, I drove as it was starting to get dark for the first time since I have been learning to drive again after my accident. It may seem choking that I still haven’t even driven at night and I’m still a little bit intimidated by that, but I liked that today was sort of a training. It was dark enough for the headlights to be on, so I think that counts as night.

I have faced a few of the difficult moments:

Raining- check

Traffic lights not working- check

Sunday drivers- check

Driving at night- check

Driving lessons-check

I don’t think I’ve been in a traffic jam, which is probably that next test I need to pass for people to be sure I can drive alone, but I was more scared of driving when it’s dark and I think I proved that I can do that and was able to face my fear today. Driving at night is as scary as crossing a street at night.




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