I made it through the first five weeks of Focus T-25! Those first five weeks were the Alpha version, which I supposed were a little bit easier than the second part of the program, which is Beta. Today I started the five weeks of Beta and I was right, this second part is harder. It’s still 25 minutes and the exercises are similar, but it’s still tougher and faster. I did most of the video following the modifier, who does the same routine as the rest of the people, just a modified version that’s easier to follow. She was in the Alpha videos too and I followed her in the beginning but I could later follow the regular most moves.

Today, I was just as tired and a little bit intimidated as when I first started doing these routines, but this won’t stop me. I have religiously followed the schedule from Monday to Friday, taking a break on Saturday and then stretching on Sunday, for five weeks. I will do the same thing for the next five weeks. There is no quitting once you’re halfway done, besides, it’s just 25 minutes! If I could do this for the first five weeks, I can do it for five more.

These first five weeks went by really fast. If it wasn’t for the calendar that is included with the videos where I marked after doing every workout, I would have thought I skipped a day or a week. I hope these next five weeks fly by too and that I don’t quit.


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