The day finally came, started painting the apartment today. We began in my room, but before that we had to cover any holes on the walls with putty, which I had started, but somehow there were still some left.

When we were done with that, we each had a different chore to paint the room with primer; my mom took a roller with an extension pole so she could reach the higher places on the walls, my aunt was painting the corners with a brush and I had the lower part of the walls with another roller with a regular frame.

Maybe it was because it didn’t have to be perfect and just needed one coat or because we divided the work between the three of us, but we were done in no time.

Today we just started painting but I’m not going to keep my walls white with primer, now I need to pick out the colors. I know the bathroom will be green and the kitchen will be a sort of beige but I still haven’t decided on my room and the living room. I have a lot of color collections we got from Home Depot so I have to sit down with them and choose.

There are so many colors and maybe I will pick a color today and change my mind tomorrow. On the other hand, this is great therapy for me helping me with my quick thinking to make decisions fast and doing all the work around the apartment.

I’ll let you know what colors choose tomorrow.


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