I’m happy to say I have completed the Focus T25 videos, all 10 weeks and I am alive. There really was nothing to be scared of, at least as long as you do it at your own speed and level. That’s exactly what I did, I followed the modifier when I had to and followed the rest of of the group when I could.

I was able to do all the videos every day, even on the long days of working in the apartment; I have been tired but still able to follow routines as the calendars say. I’m not saying it’s easy, because it’s not; I didn’t think I was going to make it when I started, especially the Beta cycle, but I did.

Maybe I’ll get bored of doing the same routines again but I’m going to start them over from the beginning. Maybe this time I’ll be able to do it all without following the modifier, at least on the Alpha cycle.

It’s not impossible to do this, it’s just 25 minutes, you don’t need weights but you can use them if you want to, and there’s a calendar so you don’t get confused about what you have to do each day. That calendar was very helpful for me.

Let’s see how this goes the second time around. Wish me luck!

Also, now I have completed all three, Insanity, P90X and Focus T25.


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