This morning we painted my whole room, it’s not a big room, but we painted all of it before lunch. By all of it I mean we even painted the door frames and where the air conditioner is going to be. I didn’t really understand the need for that, the air conditioner will cover that, but I painted it anyway.

After lunch we moved on to the bigger area, the living room/kitchen to paint it all with primer. That was a lot of painting, we even had to go buy more primer, but we were able to finish it. I also painted my hands, arms, legs, shoes, pants and shirt in the process, but all that matters is that we finished!



Now we will be taking a break until Sunday when we will go back and probably paint the bathroom, living room and kitchen but time wont be wasted during these days we don’t go because the electrician will go tomorrow.

We really don’t have much to do until te electrician, handyman and plumber go so a break will be nice. We are all very tired too, I couldn’t even workout today. Just thinking about one of those videos just hurt and I hadn’t missed one in the ten weeks I did that routine the first time. At least tomorrow we have a break because it’s 4th of July and my team and I will try to rest tomorrow and the rest of the week.


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