Now we’re painting another room, a bigger room. We started today but didn’t finish painting the living room/kitchen. We painted about half of it, maybe a little more and started putting together my kitchen cabinets. This means my kitchen is partly done, I have a stove and a cabinet without doors, drawers or counter top. It’s looking pretty good, especially now that the wall behind it is painted.

I thought painting that would take a long time and that we would only be able to paint part of the wall where the kitchen will be. We needed to get started on that because it had to be dome before the plumber goes to install the water line for the sink. We got my living room/kitchen looking like a ray of sunshine; it’s yellow. Not a blinding or a depressing yellow, but a yellow that puts you in a good mood when you go in. My apartment has to put me in a good mood and I think it will. I’m going to make sure my apartment has color, I can’t live somewhere without color.

The paint and fixed roof give it a feeling of being almost done, which is a good relief because there was a point where we didn’t think we would be able to finish this summer. We couldn’t find people to do the plumbing or the job on the roof; everyone is busy because a lot of people are asking for jobs like this, not because they are remodeling but because there is still a lot of work to be done after hurricane Maria. Also, a new hurricane season just started and everyone needs to be ready. We just got our first false alarm with Tropical Storm Beryl, which has downgraded from a possible hurricane.

Our house, which was a great shelter during Hurricane Maria, is not ready yet but we want to have it ready in case something else comes along. We need to speed it up and keep working hard during the rest of July.


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