A lot has happened since the last time I was here. We’ve done a lot of work in the apartment and the rest of the house and I think we’re closer to being able to move in. I didn’t think we could do this but it looks like we can. All of this made it pretty difficult to follow the game of the World Cup.

I really haven’t done much more apart from working on the apartment but for the last few days I have had the pleasure of spending time with four of my cousins who are here for a quick visit. The timing has been perfect because we really couldn’t do much more last week because the electrician and plumber hadn’t finished. I also got to see the final game of the World Cup today, which surprised me since I was sure Croatia was going to win but that didn’t happen, France won by two 4 – 2.


I have a theory about their win today, apart from the fact that France had a strong team that had a very good game. This World Cup was exactly 20 years after their last World Cup victory in 1998, which was also held in France.


Also, the last time France won, Ricky Martin sang the official World Cup song, The Cup of Life.


This time another Puerto Rican, Nicky Jam, was also involved in the official song, Live it up.

Resultado de imagen para world cup official song 2018

Call me crazy but I think the Puerto Rican singers have an influence on the french players and I think Puerto Rico deserve at least a thank you from France. We don’t have a team in the World Cup but at least we have some presence Russia.

That’s one part of my summer finished, let’s see if we can finish the apartment and move by the end of the summer, which is only a little over two weeks. Time has gone by in a flash with the visits, working on the house and the World Cup.



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