This weekend began the remodeling of my bathroom; we had already removed all the tiles, shower, toilet and sink, we just needed to put in the new stuff. Originally we weren’t going to do this but after experts gave us their opinion and after we saw the cabinet starting to fall apart, it was decided we had to change everything. The only thing we are keeping is the floor of the bathroom, which hasn’t really suffered damage and is the original flooring which aren’t made or sold anymore.

It all started yesterday, when my grandma proved again why she is the greatest grandmother in the whole wold by agreeing to go with me to the apartment while they began working in my soon to be bathroom. I don’t know what I would have done all day without her there to talk to, there is no TV, no wifi and I didn’t take a book. If I went alone I would have had to play on my phone until the battery died and then probably stared at the ceiling.

Even though there was nothing I could do yesterday, I know nothing about putting tiles on a shower, it did make me feel great when I saw what they did at the end of the day and it made me so happy to see that my shower actually looked like a shower by the end of the day.

Today, as they continued building my bathroom and started on my parents’ bathroom, there was nothing I could to either. I didn’t have to stay all day either because José was there but I was able to make myself useful for the little while I was there as I helped my grandpa install a door knob on my bedroom door.

I know in the big picture of the whole remodeling project a door knob is nothing but, it’s better that nothing. And now I sort of know what to do if I ever have to change a door knob by myself.

Also, I was surprised to learn that they started putting the backsplash in my kitchen, which looks awesome!

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