Every time I visit a doctor I want to give him or her good news, to show them that their treatment is working. It was no different this morning when I went to see my neurologist for my routine 6 month appointment. I had nothing but good news to tell him: 1) still seizure free 2) no more weird episodes that might have been seizures 3) I’m moving and have been working very hard on my new apartment 4) I’m still driving. He was very happy to hear all this, which made me very happy too.

After leaving the neurologist I went to my new apartment, where we were meeting the plumber and tiles guys. Since they were all working today, there was nothing to be done except to be there in case they had any questions or needed anything, so this was a little bit boring and frustrating. I had to find something to do while we waited for them to finish.

I had the brilliant idea that it was a good time to keep cleaning all the dirt and paint on the floor. To do this we mostly have to scrape the floor, which can get very frustrating when the dirt doesn’t come out. It was more frustrating seeing my grandpa get 6 tiles looking as good as new and me having a mess of dirt on mine. I don’t know how he does it but his patience is incredible, see for yourself in the picture below:

This is the corner I was cleaning:

Notice the is no more yellow paint on the tiles.

In the end I focused on just getting the paint out, I’ll deal with the dirt later, the paint is really what was driving me crazy.


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