Between today and yesterday I’ve scraped to much paint off the floors in my apartment, I think the paint spills just keep multiplying and every time I get one out, two moths just appear. Yesterday, it took me forever because it was just me and a very small saw, which was difficult to hold and took forever.

Today, between my grandpa and me, we were able to clean most of the floor tiles. I attacked the paint stains, he took those old dirt stains and I swear it looks like we put in new tiles. But as happy as I am with the results, I don’t want to think about having to do that again in my room and I know we’re going to have to after the bathroom is done and they take all the stuff that is going in the bathroom out.

Talking about the bathroom, the shower is almost ready! All the tiles and the floor of the shower are done and I love it. Now it just needs the finishing touches like the shower hose and curtain. The rest of the bathroom still needs everything else, from toilet to towel hangers.

And I can’t forget about my kitchen, it’s done!  We just have to put the microwave up on the wall, but that’s it. I can technically start cooking because my fridge, and ranger are both installed and working, all I need is food to cook. All I have so far is hummus, Kit Kats, Diet Coke, Coca Cola and water. It’s not much but it’s a start.


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