Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the bathroom in my new apartment is not finished yet. We had all the pieces, but things started to move slow after the first tiles were placed on the walls of the shower and I was getting anxious. After the floor was also finished and nothing else happened I wondered, but was afraid to ask, when the rest would be done.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the shower head, toilet and vanity installed today.

All that’s left is the faucet, but we have it, they just need to install it and it shouldn’t take too long, I think. I hope they can finish that tomorrow.

Now that all that is done, we can paint the bathroom and I hope we can do it this weekend. After we paint we have to put up the mirror too. I am so exited because that’s the only thing left to paint in the apartment and it’s a small room so it wont take very long, as long as we don’t get paint in my new shower, toilet or sink.

After my bathroom is done I think the remodeling job will be done! I can’t believe we are so close to the end and we were able to do everything on the list.


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