This week, I waited anxiously as the plumbers and tile people worked to finish my bathroom. One day the finished the tiles, another they installed my shower, then my toilet and vanity. It took forever and finally today, they finished my faucet.

We knew he would have it ready today so we were ready to start painting once he was done. It was all there, the paint the brushes, roller covers, tray, and most the most important thing, the paint. I decided to paint the bathroom light green because some of the tiles in a set or small tiles I put on the wall are green and I thought it would look very cute. Also green is my favorite color.

My aunt and I got started painting the small bathroom after lunch and I thought we would finish in no time because it is a small bathroom. But because the bathroom is so small, it was harder to paint because there is no room. It was just the two of us painting because no one else fit in there, as opposed to when we painted my room and the living room were there were three uf us painting at the same time. Also, there were times when only one of us could paint because we had to find a way to get the ladder in there to reach spots near the ceiling.

There were other places that we could barely fit our hands between the toilet or vanity and the floor or wall. It was a little complicated and we wondered why we hadn’t painted before, when the bathroom was empty. Maybe then we wouldn’t have had to spend so much time taping the corners of the vanity, toilet and shower tiles with painter’s tape.

But the good thing is, we’re done! My bathroom is finished! I love it. it looks so good and I’m so proud of being able to do that. I am also so thank full to my aunt for helping me, I could not have done it without her.

I am not just one step closer to being done, I think I just need to put up my microwave, get my furniture and close here and I can move in!


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