I’m happy to say that right now I’m writing from the comfort of the living room in my new apartment! I moved in yesterday and as much as I wanted to tell everyone about it, I was too tired by the time I stopped trying to organize.

The movers first went to our old apartment in the morning, where we had huge piles of boxes full of stuff, to start bringing them down to the truck. Then they started pulling the furniture we were taking with us apart, like the beds, dressers and table. I didn’t get to see that because I was coming to my new apartment, but I’m glad I didn’t because that would have really stressed me out. When I see that I can’t really imagine how they can but it back together.

So while I waited for them in my new home, I started organizing the few stuff that I had here and the dogs explored their new backyard. When the movers got here I felt like a traffic guard, telling them where the stuff was going, but pretty soon they knew by the names on the boxes were going. If the words on the box were written in green marker or if it said Kiki, it went in my apartment, anything else went to the house.

After all my boxes were here, the apartment was a mess, there was stuff everywhere. There was nowhere to walk and I didn’t know where everything was; some of the boxes said what was in them, but others didn’t.While the movers were still here, putting our furniture back together, I started organizing some stuff. The first thing was my closet, then the kitchen and then my books and movies. I didn’t even remember I had so many books and movies but I did know I had so many shoes and purses and clothes. I kept organizing as much as I could, until I really couldn’t think anymore.

Apart from organizing, I have used many of my new things between yesterday and today, like my range, microwave and vacuum.

I love my new apartment! My dogs are loving it too, they are running around in the back yard all day. My parents love their house too and we all have our personal space!

And I did find the first dead cockroach in my apartment, but I kept calm and handled it like and adult. Instead of freaking out and screaming for help I picked it up with toilet paper and flushed it down the toilet.


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