I’m officially employed again! I signed my contract this morning at District View Office Center and it feels great to have a job again. After signing my contract and learning about my responsibilities I got to see the area in which I will be working.

I will be working as costumer service representative and cashier in The WorkPlace, a shared virtual workplace where people can go to work for a small price in a lounge with wifi, copy machine, printer, snacks, drinks, and coffee. It’s a quiet space where people can meet clients, work in groups or even work alone without the distractions of being at home, were you get distracted by closing your eyes and rest for “five minutes”, having a TV right in front of you, your dog, the fridge or even a book.


The Workplace is a place for people to come, sit in a comfortable chair, get away and create in a quiet space without distractions, finish work on a timely manner, meet likeminded people and network.

I’m very exited to start this new chapter in my life and very happy I was given the chance to work here. I can’t wait to see what else this modern and creative work environment has to offer and who knows, maybe I can even witness a great idea coming to life without noticing. Who knows what great ideas are born in The Workplace.



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