Remember when the health insurance didn’t want to pay for my Ritalin two years ago? (What is is now health insurance?) They said I didn’t need it and they wouldn’t cover it and they’re at it again. Last time we had problems they argued that I was too old to take it, this time they say they don’t cover it because they say Ritalin is not needed for the reasons I take it. Those reasons are the same ones they have been for the past six years, nothing has changed, at least not for me.

I know Ritalin is a controlled substance, but they should have the reasons I use it on record or something. I hate it every time they have a problem with something I have to take for my health. Last time “We did exactly as they told us and our doctor specified my previous use of Ritalin, but still we were forced to pay the full price of Ritalin, while still paying a lot of money for health insurance.” Same thing this time, except it wasn’t expensive, but we’re still paying for health insurance, they’re supposed to cover us and make all this medicine mess easier.  They just makes things complicated whenever they feel like it.

And they know why I take Ritalin, I’ve been taking it for almost six years after my TBI, why are they still asking why I take it? They know why, they should have my medical history for the last six years and know what happened to me and for what reasons I take what medicine. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

But I’m still asking myself the same thing I asked two years ago, ” How many blog posts will I have to dedicate to complaining about the injustices of the health insurance business?” Who decided they shouldn’t cover my Ritalin?  Are we going to have this problem for as long as I need Ritalin?


2 thoughts on “Hi health insurance, it’s been a long time

  1. Hi: It’s me Chabela, your Mom’s Madrina and old friend. Try calling the drug’s manufacturer and see if the have a patien’s “assistance program”. Not sure that that is the right name. They may be able to provide you the med for free or at a very low cost. That is how I get my most expensive med which is not covered by my insurance. Good luck!🐼


    1. That’s how I get my epilepsy medicine and that program has been a lifesaver. I guess the health insurance is not used to someone my age taking Ritalin but it’s not that expensive but it makes me angry every time they don’t want to help me. P.s. Mami will be so happy when I tell her you wrote 😊


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