A few weeks ago, during a trip to Home Depot, we bought the kitchen cabinet handles for my kitchen.

Between our busy life during the week and one thing or another during weekends, we really didn’t have time to put them on the doors. I did have time to unscrew a door and screw it back on while trying to fix it and make it more lopsided than it already was. That was my mistake for trying to fix something that wasn’t really broken in the first place. But after my stepdad put the handles on the doors today, my kitchen looks complete or more complete than it already was.

The kitchen wasn’t the only part of my apartment that got some more finishing touches today, the bathroom also got some decorations. While walking around Old San Juan yesterday and looking for decorations to cover some parts of my bathroom wall, we first found a really cool fish decoration. From there we went on, looking for more marine life ornaments to give it an under the sea look. Now it’s like you’re at the beach with a fish in one wall and a turtle, starfish and a seahorse on another.

I don’t know if my house is an aquarium or a shelter with marine life in the bathroom and dogs in the living room/kitchen.


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