Thanksgiving is only a week away, and that makes me nervous this year. My parents are hosting Thanksgiving this year, that means I will also welcome the family in my new apartment and that is just a little nerve-racking.

I have only had a few visitors here and three of them were impressed because they knew what this space used to be and last time they saw it they knew is was a storage room. The other one was impressed because she has more stuff than me at the apartment she just moved into. It was impressive in both cases, which made me feel great about it, but this time there will be more people.

It’s just going to be family and I won’t be making turkey, that’s my mom’s job in her house, but it’s still more people and I think I’m going to have to at least offer them something. I already have what I’m making for desert but I still have to make it and I still don’t know if and what I should serve as appetizers if anybody wants any. I usually don’t have many responsibilities on Thanksgiving Day, except eating, which is my favorite part. But if people are coming, even if they’re just in my apartment for a few minutes to see it, it has to look great.

I already did my Saturday morning cleaning but I think I’m going to have to take another look around and be more thorough just in case before I clean again on Wednesday.



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