It’s never too early to start celebrating and thinking about everything you are grateful for and starting the holiday season.

Nothing puts you in a better holiday spirit than putting up the Christmas tree. With that done last night, I went to work this morning ready to have a pre-thanksgiving lunch with everyone who works there. The Christmas music, the decorations and the delicious food had me, my coworkers and everybody else in a pretty happy mood.


From the delicious turkey to the arroz con gandules and macaroni salad, everything was great46495378_2181446391886398_6163138509092683776_n

I got the chance to interact with most of them because I was in charge of serving people their drinks. At first this did not seem like the ideal job for a person with a long history of spilling cups. As the bartender, I had to serve people Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, or Sprite Zero and I can proudly say I did not spill anything or drop any cups. Everyone got the drink they asked for with ice and were even able to get refills.


There was also more than plenty of food, allowing people to get second servings

It was a great treat for all the employees who got together to share with one another, relax and have a great meal and a very happy way to begin the holiday season. This was a great way, and I think everyone was very thankful, for this joyous beginning to the season.


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