Last night I got the chance to see Hamilton, starring the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda, right here in Puerto Rico. He brought the play here for 17 days to bring attention to Puerto Rico over a year after being hit by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Everybody has been talking about it ever since they first announced it. The lines for tickets were so crazy I didn’t think we were going to get tickets and couldn’t believe it when I was told we did.

And when the day finally came last night, everything went perfect. I was afraid I wouldn’t get there in time, for no reason at all, just to be safe I didn’t want to be too confident. When I got to the performing arts venue, Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré, everything was ready, and very organized; lines were moving, people were going in without a problem. They were selling t-shits, posters and other souvenirs inside (I got a t-shirt).

Then, a little after 7:30, the lights went down and after a few singers opened the show, Lin-Manuel stepped on stage. As soon as the crowd saw him everyone was up on their feet, clapping, wooing and going crazy. It lasted a few minutes and he stood there waiting for us to calm down to begin. This was not just last night, this has happened every night.

After we let him begin, the show was amazing. Having seen his other musical, In the Heights, I could tell that only Lin-Manuel could have done this. It’s the music, who can write songs like that? Who can make a play that long without getting people bored? I mean, I have to admit I was tired, but I didn’t take my eyes off the stage for a second. Even though I was tired I didn’t get bored.

When it was over, the entire cast got another standing ovation for their amazing work, it was everyone, not just Lin-Manuel.

Then he took out a Puerto  Rican flag, which was just the most beautiful moment and made everyone more proud than we already were.

He’s one of ours and we couldn’t be prouder or more thankful to him for all his help and all the other help he’s trying to bring Puerto Rico.

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