Yesterday I realized that for the first time I missed an appointment with my neurologist earlier this month. I still don’t understand how that could happen, those appointments are the most important ones, at least for me. I’m still wondering why they didn’t call me from his office to confirm the day before like they usually do or to reschedule.

Once I realized, I called and was able to set up another appointment in March, there wasn’t really any hurry because I’m still going on four years seizure free!

I do have some questions I want to ask my neurologist, all of them have come from reading A Mind Unraveled, the book I talked about on an earlier post. This book is fascinating, at least for someone who has been through similar circumstances as him such as taking anti seizure medicine, fear of being judged, rejected for jobs and being afraid because you know a seizure can happen at any time. This fear follows you everywhere, even while being seizure free because you know this won’t be forever because there is no cure.

It has been a very long time since I’ve read a book so captivating and I haven’t dropped the book since I got it. I just want to finish it before I see my neurologist but I know I will, I have over a month.

He has also mentioned other authors who had epilepsy and wrote about it, I might look into those books later on.


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