First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. We couldn’t be alive without you, like, literally.

Thank you for everything else you do, after we get to this crazy world. From changing our disgusting diapers to teaching us how to walk, then drive and sorry for wrecking the car (we all did at one time or another, at least I did).

I can’t say how thankful I am to my mother for being such a great example for me of how to be a good person, treat others well, to be responsible, for teaching me how to cook, and for teaching me how to talk and walk when I was a baby and again in my twenties.

I’m also so thankful to my grandmother who I don’t think I can describe in words. She’s a character, but an amazing character who always has a story to make us laugh, she always has something to say, is always there for us in the good times and the bad, always let’s us know how special we are, she’s smart and she is an amazing cook. I am lucky to know her and to be her granddaughter.

And what can I say about my three fairy godmothers (a.k.a. my aunts), who are always there for me, whether I need them or not. Whether we’re just laughing or talking like friends, I’m asking for advice or I need somewhere to stay, they’re there.

Thanks mami, abuela, tití, tití and tití for putting up with me, teaching me, setting a great example and for helping me every time I need help. A mother is someone you can always count on, so don’t take her for granted and show her how much you love her.


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