I didn’t think about it, but writing this brings a lot of old feelings back. I can’t help but look back at the last seven years of my life, at least what I can remember of them and the worst moments come to mind. From that very first memory that always makes me sad and those horrible memories coming back today as I try to be happy it has been a roller coaster and it hasn’t always been a fun ride.

From the beginning I knew this ride I had to go on wouldn’t be easy, I had no choice but accept what was happening to me and deal with it. Everyone must have been scared and worried, just like I was, but with help and a lot of support I got to the point where I am now four years seizure free (I don’t know if I need to remind anyone, I just like saying it), I have a job and my own apartment and it feels good to be able to say that.

Seven years really isn’t that long ago, but it really does feel like I left my old life ages ago. These seven years have not been easy, it’s been a lot of catching up to being an adult and I’m finally getting there.


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