Friday at five Ricky finally left, like he said he would, which surprised me. He lied so much I thought he would lie about that too. What started as a very stressful and anxious day for everyone, turned into a very happy one (except maybe for Ricky because a million people kicked him out of his first job) also brought a lot of questions as to who would be our new governor and if it was constitutional for him to be sworn in and a bunch of other legal stuff.

I know we’re not done, we have to do a major cleanup in the Senate, House of Representatives and basically out entire government but can we just take a couple of days or maybe weeks to celebrate our victory and rest a little? I don’t know about anyone else but I finally recovered yesterday from that 7 mile strike two weeks ago as well as the other demonstrations.

I think we should take a minute, think about how strong we are when we come together peacefully and give the new governor, Pedro Pierluisi a chance. I know people argue that we didn’t vote for him and that the Senate hasn’t voted for him yet but that’s not our fault that’s our constitution and Thomas Rivera Schatz , the president of the Senate’s fault.

Let’s see how the new guy does but we did it Puerto Rico, we got the incompetent and corrupt governor out in a matter of weeks without any casualties. I hope the rest of the world is watching and taking notes.

And after all this, I think I might be able to do another 5k. If I walked 7 miles, I can run/walk 3 miles.



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