An update on what’s been going on in Puerto Rico: Naming Pedro Pierluisi governor was inconstitucional so he has to go. Now that that’s taken care of, our new governor is the ex Secretary of Justice, Wanda Vazquez. No one wants her because of many reasons but according to our constitution sadly, she is next in line so she has to do it.

She will only be governor for a short time but, as we just learned, it doesn’t take a long time to do a lot of damage. We still don’t know if she will stay for the 17 months left in her term or if she will name someone to take her place. As Secretary of Justice has done shady things like deliberately delaying investigations into members of her own party so we don’t really trust her to be a good governor.

In my last post I said we had to just wait and see if we had to go back out and protest and turns out we didn’t, it only took five days to get him out. Now for Wanda I don’t know what we should do. There are already people protesting outside La Fortaleza, the governor’s mansion. She has to be careful because we’re all watching her and if we have to go back to protest then we have to go.

Now can we please fast forward to January 2021 and just have a governor who is competent, prepared, honest and cares about Puerto Rico instead of him or herself?


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