Two years after Hurricane María nearly destroyed Puerto Rico we are taking all the precautions and preparing like we would for another hurricane. This time we have Dorian, which is still a tropical storm but almost a hurricane. We don’t know what to expect because the storm hasn’t decided where it’s going yet, it keeps changing direction.

First it was supposed to be going to the south of Puerto Rico, just affecting Cabo Rojo, in the South west corner of the island. Then it was entering through Ponce which is also in the South and we just thought this was good because the South West needs rain, it looks like a desert down there. The last thing I hear was that it was coming in through Fajardo on the North East and hitting our tho island towns, Vieques and Culebra, who now have a hurricane warning.

.We don’t think this is going to be another catastrophe like María, it’s not even a Hurricane, but we still haven’t recovered from María. There are still houses with blue coverings from FEMA o that just haven’t had anything done. The rain will also bring landslides, which was a big problem during and after Maria, so even a storm can be deadly right now.

We are all hoping no one has to face any of the tragedies from two years ago or any tragedy, and hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

I’ll let you know how everything went after the storm.

*It was just announced at 12:15 that Dorian is now a Hurricane.


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