One week ago Puerto Rico was preparing for what would happen if just a little bit of The hurricane Dorian hit us. There was no work, school or businesses open, we were all in hiding. But the day went by and thankfully nothing happened here.

We have all stayed glued to the news and have been keeping up with what this unpredictable monster is doing and what it did to the islands of Ábaco and Grand Bahama. Hitting them nonstop with pouring rain and wind for 48 hours, it left the islands unrecognizable and taking the lives of at least 20 people. We thought Maria was horrible but what Dorian did to those islands has no comparison.

At least eight different organizations or groups in Puerto Rico have already begun collecting and sending aid and relief to the islands. In addition, celebrities have algo quickly joined the effort to help. One of those is celebrity chef José Andrés, who provided food and cooked meals for thousands of people after Hurricane María here in Puerto Rico. This time José Andres rented two helicopters, a boat with a landing pad and an amphibious vehicle (a vehicle that can be used on both land as well as water).

World Central Kitchen

But it’s not only celebrities, a man bought 100 generators in a Costco in Florida to send by boat to Grand Bahama and Abaco. This not everyone can do this but we can all help. They already set up an online resource center, to receive aid. You can also help through these other relief efforts: National Association oh the Bahamas, Bahamas Red Cross, International Medical Corps.

After leaving the Bahamas Dorian slowly made its way to the east coast of Florida, which as I’ve been told, wasn’t hit that bad. It keeps moving north and there are already predicting it’s heading to the Carolinas and keep moving north but who knows what will happen. This hurricane seems to want to prove all the meteorologists wrong.

I can’t wait for hurricane season to be over.


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