Waiting for Dorian

Two years after Hurricane María nearly destroyed Puerto Rico we are taking all the precautions and preparing like we would for another hurricane. This time we have Dorian, which is still a tropical storm but almost a hurricane. We don't know what to expect because the storm hasn't decided where it's going yet, it keeps … Continue reading Waiting for Dorian

Say no to guns

I have to keep going on about this because this is just a logical thing, don't put guns in the hands of citizens, even if they're law abiding citizens, or appear to be. You don't know whose hands the gun is going to end up, or where the bullet will end up. Republicans say carrying … Continue reading Say no to guns

A very dangerous job- Un trabajo bien peligroso

This morning on the radio, I heard they were talking about a politician in a car accident.  As I kept listening, representative Carlos Vargas Ferrer, crashed into a lamp post while driving this morning  They are still not sure what caused this but sadly he died. This also caused him to run over one of … Continue reading A very dangerous job- Un trabajo bien peligroso